Yoo Ah In Rebels, Kim Woo Bin Exemplary Pupil

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As to whether the two handsome actors Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ah In while still inschool? Both of them turned out to have very contradictory.

Yoo Ah In Rebels, Kim Woo Bin Exemplary Pupil
Event Celebrity News Program on MBC Section TV uncover surprising facts about both popular actor Korea.

It turns out that his school "Yoo Ah In is a rebel and have experienced tough times.Even he had dropped out of high school. Fortunately, he passed the test with a roseberjasil a GED (national exam) of South Korea and realize his dream of becoming an actor.

Different models at once to actor Kim Woo Bin in the school. Kim Bin Woo often getsthe role of the bad boy and the rebels on television, it was an exemplary student at his school.

Kim Bin Woo is known to have a high level of intelligence with an IQ of 147. He always maintained a high academic value, even when having to work part time. Lover of ShinMin Ah is not only diligently studied at school, but he also worked hard to realize his dream of becoming a model.

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