Beautiful Models Falling Poor Result This Photo

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The photo spread in cyberspace make the name Heidi Yeh is broken. Since the photos were dispersed, the life of a beautiful model that Taiwan origin suffered for three years.

Like Shanghaiist reported Monday (12/10/2015), in a press conference in Taipei, the image makes it lose jobs either in Taiwan or abroad.

Beautiful Models Falling Poor Result This Photo
Yeh told me that she was signed by an agent model and the ad agency named j.Walter Thompson (JWT) photo shoot for a cosmetic clinic.

According to a contract offer, the image will only be used in print. But not long after that, another cosmetic clinics started using images in online ad campaigns, and it didn't take long for these images are spread all over the world.

In addition, Yeh also became the victim of a false story of a man who sued his wifebecause their children are too ugly, too published by tabloid Heilongjiang also spreadto the internet. Since then, he has been the subject of countless memes.

Yeh said the incident had damaged his good name and he was losing to 785.000yuan. Even more painful, he was accused of lying to her husband by performingplastic surgery. Due to the incident, Yeh demanded the agent model named JWTamounting to 5 million NTD.

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