Students were killed, struck his friend because Triggered Mutual Taunted

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The altercation which led to AN elementary school, students were killed was triggeredby a mutual taunted. However it is not known who first started the fight.

"The occurrence of it according to the description because mutual taunted tauntedeach other, starting with" said South Jakarta Kapolres, Initializing RevelationHadiningrat in his Office the way Wijaya II, South Jakarta, Saturday (19/9/2015).

Students were killed, struck his friend because Triggered Mutual Taunted
This time the police are still in the process of examination related to that. In addition,a search of witnesses still do. "When a witness, Related the events there are other students there, there are also teachers who supervise. We are also looking forwitnesses who saw, heard, help, see the victims fell, "she continued.

Any revelation confirms, until now there are already seven witnesses were examined.Witnesses are still from the teacher. While the witnesses of the students have not been done, waiting for permission from the student's parents.

"We already check the seven witnesses in this incident. (Witnesses) from teachers,other students haven't because there must be consent, must be accompanied byparents, "call revelation.

Fights two students of class 2 SD 07 Morning North Kebayoran Lama, South Jakartaled to death. An stretch of lives after finding wounds on the abdomen and head.

The incident began after coloring activities. Parties teachers did not know of anyfights. Both are indeed often fight, the teachers also repeatedly took actions byseparating the two of them.

The 90S had a chance of getting help at the Fatmawati Hospital, South Jakarta. But on Friday evening the victim's life was not preserved.

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