One INDONESIAN CITIZEN was found dead in a Boat Collision Incident in Taiwan

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The incidence of collision between the cargo ship gravel with a fishing boat, causing the fishing boat's crew was missing. But an ABK Indonesia citizen (WNI) found dead.

This incident took place on Friday (18/9/2015), sat 31 Shih Hui fishing boat collided with a ship containing gravel weighing eight thousand tons in the waters of Chuwei.The nine CREW on BOARD the ships were inside.

"The information this afternoon (19/9/2015) obtained that from the nine CREW on BOARD, four of whom had already been found. ABK already found in one of HERChinese, one INDONESIAN and two other of HER still being identified, "said the Director of the protection of CITIZENS and Then Muhammad Iqbal BHI, in remarksreceived, Saturday (19/9/2015).
Ship crush (AFP)

"The Foreign Ministry continue to monitor progress through the Trade Office Taipei and KDEI and Taiwan's economy (TETO) in Jakarta," he said.

Six Coast Guard ships and a team of divers were deployed to search for the missingvictims. Development of running sluggish rescue team members make any distress.

"Four bodies have already been found and identified, and five others are still declaredmissing," call the Taiwan Coast Guard, was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

"Bodies identified as the captain of Taiwan origin, two fishermen of origin China and a citizen of Indonesia," he said.

Ship searchers will still continue combing the waters near the accident happened.While the efforts of divers to enter the vessel that sank distracted at the time of the morning.

According to initial reports, fishing boats manned by nine men. Four people areCITIZENS, four Chinese citizens and the captain of the ship that came from Taiwan.

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